Amazfit workout / activities maps data missing

If some data has not been synced correctly from band (or is missing), you can re-sync old data from the band
Ensure you can see the old workout on the band activities history list, or data cannot be synced (missing from band)



  • I miss all data from Stratos watch, can't sync nothing happens when I press sync Stratos

  • It stopped syncing the activities. In the menu there is no sync old activity from amazfit option. Xiaomi stratos. And i cant add them with sync amazfit

  • My new activites from Stratos no sync with Notify and Fitnes app.

  • Workouts are not synchronising anymore . Re-sychronise old activity from Amazfit no longer available on the Notify&Fitness application. Heart rate data from the workout are shown
    Please solve the issue is annoying.

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