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Amazafit stucked

Hi. I have Amazefit bit. i have deleted Mi fit and installed Notify and fitness for Amazefit. I updated firmware and then tha Amazefit watch stopped at Connect APP to update" I have tried to re update and it does but after i update all again the watch has the same message. Please help. What to do?


  • You have to update ALL parts, even if you get that message, just go on with the next part.
    Some parts temporary disconnect/restart the watch, wait untill the watch is connected again via bluetooth and do the next step.

  • Hi and thanks for answere. i updated firmware with all parts but stil it did not help, I could not do anything. At the end I innstaled in Czech language and than I could start watch normally. After that I uninstalled Notify app and installed Mi fit again. It works fine. I am now afraid to i do some experiments.

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