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Miband 2 - connection breaks during synch


since some time I've got an issue which gets more and more annoying - when I synch the data the connection breaks during the synch, usually between 25% and 75%.
When I manually try to reconnect and synch again, this rarely is sucessfull and more rarely the data goes through.
Closing the app and relaunching gives me a sure next try and so after wasting 10-15% of my phone battery I finally get the data synched completely.
So the issue is not in establishing a connection, but in holding it.

From settings I tried to select the force reconnect as well as waiting for Bluetooth search, but in no combination this gave a solution. I tried with MiFit installed and usually without. I deleted the band from Bloototh connected devices and reconnected it. I replaced the band in the app and connected it new. So from my perspective I did all known solutions to connection issues but without sucess.

Due to changes in the app it's no longer possible to get hold of he log which in old versions sometimes gave you hints to the issue - at least now the menu to send log report just points to reading the forum whereas before it opened a mail and attached a log.
After 30 months with this app I'm now really lost...

Thanks for any help,


  • Oh, I forgot:
    From initially starting the app the data for steps and sleep is available, after any failed synch the complete stored data is unvisible until the synch went through.

  • As the display of my Mi Band 2 was getting hardly readable I upgraded to a Mi Band 3.
    The issue remains, after starting the app it connects to the band and after different amount of time the connection breaks.
    I tested with MiFit and had no issues to connect and synch there.
    Also, whenever I manage to get the data through and the connection doesn't break immediately after, then I can repeat synching forever and it always keeps the connection, so when there is a "run" and the critical point is passed it behaves normal.

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