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Intend for tasker to stop sleep gathering

I found that the sleep analysis often goes further after i already have taken a shower.
Normally i wake up, put the watch on the desk and take a shower, but somehow it takes about 30 min to 1 hour, before the watch/software sees that i am awake.
I can walk a minute or 2 before i take the watch off and that seems to work reasonable, but i would like it faster (or with button press).

So i am now trying to use tasker and button press to stop the 'sleep'.
To do that i made an intend receive in tasker after a button press.
This works, since i also get a notification on the phone with this.
But now i need to send an intend to the watch OR the software that it has to stop gathering sleep data.

I am able to send a notification to the watch via Tasker.
But i am unable to send an intend to the software/watch.
I try this in tasker:
Send Intend ->
Action: com.mc.miband.wokeUp

As i said the button works, the notification on the watch AND the phone work, but the intend seems not to work.
What am i doing wrong?


  • com.mc.miband.wokeUp is an intent you get from the app telling that the band detected that you woke up. With that, you can make tasker put your phone out of silence mode, for example. But you can't send that and expect an action.

    The intent actions you can SEND to Notify&Fitness are listed under "Doing actions on Notify app".

    The intent actions you can RECEIVE from Notify&Fitness app, so that Tasker can do other stuff, are listed under "Receiving events from Notify app".

    TL;DR; You can't do what you want.

  • I already was afraid of that, since i could not find other info then you just said.
    Wel, too bad, i will have to live with this minor watch problem.

    Thanks for the info.

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