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Breuer BF700 Scale no Sync of stored data. Overwrite of scale profile with default female user

  • The App could not read out the scale history data with the user setup by the breuer app
  • The App reads out values as female user or sets up a female user (fat values up and water values down). Then the scale needs reset because could not find correct user at same weight.
    You need to unpair the scale in the breuer app and pair again and load down your male user profile again.

After one or two days same situation if checked by Notify: 2 user on scale, scale wont work: Display: "----" BF700
Values in Notify App are then female if you connect and measure your weight on failure

P.S.: The Breuer BF700 supports male and female: https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/B1JfrTXP0yS.pdf


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