Sleep as Android working on test tracking but not on sleep tracking(mi band 3)

so, i can see results when i try to test track my mi band 3 on Sleep as Android, buy when i Track my Sleep the graph keeps completely flat, the whole time, doesn't event measure the HR, sadly it was working before i factory reseted my phone, but sadly it is not at the moment. tried to email in the "help" seciton but didn't get a proper reply about that.

i'm using Notify and Fitness app version 7.3.4
Sleep as Android version 20181128
WIth a Moto G5s Plus Stock Oreo 8.1


  • I have the same Issue. This happen after the last update (7.3.4).Before it worrked fine.
    If I try to test sensor in Sleep as Android, it says that band is connected,, but the graph is flat. If I switch off and switch on Sleep as Android option in Notify & Fitness app, than the test in SaA begin to work.
    Unfirtnately, if I stop the test and try it again, it does not work.

  • I'm also having problems with 7.3.4 and the latest Sleep as Android beta (20181206 I think). However the workaround of turning the option off, turning it on and testing the Wearable in SaA did not work.

    Any thoughts or betas I can try?

  • I hope u guys got your issue resolved. Just thought I'd share the fact that I never install the newest version while its in beta. I always wait to give time for the (possible) kinks to be worked out and suggest you guys think of doing the same.
    Anyway, Aisell..I know what you mean about the graph being flat bc that's how it shows up on sleep as Android for me..I've got the mi band 1s (pulse with no screen) and the SaA app devs have said that this version of mi band is not supported (but I gave it a try not long ago hoping they'd worked it out since I read that, but obv that's not the case).

  • Version 7.4.5 of Notify and the latest beta of Sleep have solved my issues.

  • @LogicallyRogue said:
    Version 7.4.5 of Notify and the latest beta of Sleep have solved my issues.

    Same here o/

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