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Developers just getting the money and running?


I PAID for this app. Yet the developers seem to have taken my money and disappeared? Why is there zero support? Why are bugs not fixed? Us the app abandoned?


  • I have not seen them post here but the app is regularly updated. I have used it for about 18 months and have been impressed with the amount of updates.

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    @Notify Admin - Matteo is (I think) the main developer.
    He does reply (sometimes) if you email him, but this message board is probably only for announcements, guides and updates.
    I, too, wish he replied to people's questions in this forum, but I don't see him doing it anytime soon.
    N&F is a great app, one that has given added value to our fitness trackers and I'm grateful for this. The devs are doing an amazing work and they do listen / read what we tell them & what we post here (you can see this on the frequent updates they roll out and the changelogs).
    This forum can be useful only if we (the customers / users / owners of the app) help each other with our experiences and everything we've tried with this app. Posting in these forums the bugs we find is also very important.

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