N & F : Heart rate monitoring on mi Band 3 vibrating every time

I installled N&F yesterday for my mi band 3 and this morning out of the blue the heart rate monitoring started vibrating every time it finishes a read. I have been tinkering with the settings and in theory have it running every 30 minutes and last time it took 10 readings and vibrated after each - I cannot see how to turn the vibration off - it didn't do it on the mi fit app (now uninstalled) so it is software related, please help !




  • I found a solution for my Mi Band 3 : I decided to try changing the "heart monitor mode", I think I picked "use notify app and mi band device", that was then end of my plan but when I went back to the previous menu there were new options including 2 enabled "vibrate if heart rate less than x" and "vibrate if heart rate greater than x" - both options enabled and both set to zero. Have turned them off and changed back to "use mi band only" and problem solved. Interestingly it is also apparent that it is the heart rate monitoring that canes the battery on my phone.

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