Latest version of N&F for Mi Band & issues with 7.0.5 !

Hey there.
Two days ago I got a text prompt (within the app) that I could upgrade to version 7.0.5 (from 7.0.4).
I did so and - I don't know if it was a coincidence - but the HR stats were totally bonkers and all over the place (I was reaching HR values of 255 through the night and day - I should probably be dead by now from a stroke or something if those were real stats).




Anyway, I kept a backup and uninstalled 7.0.5.
I installed 7.0.4 from Play Store and played again with some settings. HR now seems more stable and ...real !

What's strange is that now when I tap the menu icon I do not see a text showing that "7.0.5" is available, anymore.
Anyone knows what's happening ?


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    I've just seen this on the Play Store comments:

    "7.0.5 Pro shows 255 as night heart rate. Not very good. MiBand 2, Android 8."

    "Not sure if I understand what was fixed in 7.0.5 for Android 4.4, but now it shows every second value of night heart rate as 255."

    So I guess 7.0.5 was indeed buggy and the dev pulled it.

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