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Sleep as android with Amazfit Bip and Notify & Fitness for Amazfit

Integration for few last versions doesn't seem to work for m Amazfit Bip (even if its enabled both in Notify & Fitness and in Sleep as Android). It looks like Sleep as Android is unable to connect to Amazfit band with only Notify & Fitness app installed - progrss bar is filling without being able to connect. It worked fine around February 2018.

It works without any problems with 'Tools & Amazfit' though.

Has anyone find a way to use Amazfit Bip with N&F and Sleep as Android?


  • edited November 2018

    Hi, I am on the beta version and also for me it has not been working with Sleep as Android Pro for many months now.

    I am only using Notify & Fitness for Amazfit app and on android pie.

  • not working with Sleep as Android Pro

  • It works for me again in Notify & Fitness 8.2.5, Sleep as Android 20190205 and without Mi Fit app. Thanks!

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