Mi band 3 latin font firmware for emoji support

Today notify and fitness had update and it got emoji support. I was happy for this but I have a problem. I use turkish firmware on mi band 3. Notify and fitness said me "if you want emoji support, you must download latin font firmware. I downloaded firmware but my band isn't show letters and emojies good. This latin font firmware has problems. Now I can't repair my mi band 3 font firmware. Please solve this problem.


  • This latin emoji font works perfectly with only english firmwares. Matt please solve this problem for all language firmwares.

  • Yes, it's true, the italian are not good also.

  • I have "Mi Band 3 NFC" and I solved this problem with a lot of work

    ((((((((((((only mi band 3 NFC))))))))))))))))

    1º Step:
    Install firmware for "Notify & Fitness for Mi Band" or "GadgetBridge​" (((((read below)))))

    2º Step:
    Install: Firmware | Mi Band 3 NFC ((((((only mi band 3 NFC))))))
    Link: https://geekdoing.com/threads/firmware-1-6-0-10-mi-band-3-nfc.507/

    3º Step:
    Install: Resources v46 | Mi Band 3 & Mi Band 3 NFC
    Link: https://geekdoing.com/threads/resources-v46-mi-band-3-mi-band-3-nfc.467/

    4º Step:
    Install: Font files from Original Mi Fit **unpack and install: "Mili_wuhan.ft" (in my case worked)
    Link: https://geekdoing.com/attachments/fonts-zip.1835/

    5º Step:
    Then repeat steps 2 and 3 for safety.

    Late for other languages Instal: Firmwares | Mi Band 3 NFC | Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese
    Link: https://geekdoing.com/threads/firmwares-1-6-0-10-mi-band-3-nfc-spanish-turkish-thai.503/

    To flash Firmware | Resources | Font

    --- Notify & Fitness for Mi Band​ ---
    ⤳ Activate visibility option in Mi Fit (Work without activate this option for me).
    ⤳ Open Notify and Fitness for Mi Band.
    ⤳ Accept localisation authorization (Pass "import save", "authorize access at notifications").
    ⤳ Expand the menu with icon at left top, and go in "Settings".
    ⤳ Scroll down in "Basics" tab, and at "Mi Band firmware version" tap on "Update".
    ⤳ Accept the required authorization.
    ⤳ Choose "Custom firmware" and choose your Firmware | Resources | Font file.
    ⤳ Tap on "Start update".
    ⤳ After update theMi Band 3 will reboot (Firmware only).
    ⤳ Mi Fit will connect automatically at your Mi Band 3.
    ⤳ Uninstall Notify and Fitness for Mi Band.

    --- GadgetBridge​ ---
    ⤳ Activate visibility option in Mi Fit (Work without activate this option for me).
    ⤳ Unpair Mi Band from Mi Fit.
    ⤳ Activate GPS (and Bluetooth).
    ⤳ Open GagdetBridge and start Scan.
    ⤳ Choose your Mi Band 3 (Then, you have to touch your Mi Band 3 to pair).
    ⤳ Open files explorer, choose Firmware | Resources | Font file and flash it.
    ⤳ After update the Mi Band 3 will reboot (Firmware only).
    ⤳ Unpair your Mi Band 3 from GadgetBridge (In GadgetBridge home tap on Mi Band 3, and on trash to delete it).
    ⤳ Pair your Mi Band 3 to Mi Fit.

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