[Sleep as Android ™] Add Tap 1 Time to Snooze Sleep as Android ™ Alarm for Mi Band 3

Hello developer, Thanks for developing so wonderful app and being versatile to the users. Here I am suggesting an amendment features needs for the new world. As the Mi Band 3 has rolled out and spreading fast, It is indeed necessary to keep changing and adding new features by keeping Mi Band 3 in mind as the 1st periority.
As, till now, in the app, the snooze is working on double tap which is not possible on Mi band 3. So I request you kindly change this to 1 tap to snooze OR provide options to set 1 tap, 2 tap or 3 tap so that It can work well and perfectly for all. I know some problem may occur sometimes i.e., accidentally getting 1 tapped but overall it's snoozing sleeping alarm not stopping them. It will replay after set timer.

Thank you.


  • Nobody ever replayed here and still not working. Will we ever see this feature?

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