paid version and phone change

I need to change my phone and I have a pide version, how to transfert the licence to my new phone ??


  • You should be ok as long as you login to the Play store (on the new device) with the same gmail account.

  • and is there a way to transfert it without using a Google Account ?

  • You mean the licence? Not sure. Maybe the dev could answer you about this. But for your workouts / other settings & data:
    Menu -> Export backup file

    and then import it to the new installation on the new phone.

    p.s. why would you want to transfer the paid version to another device without your gmail account?

  • Thanks but it doesn't seems to work...
    The license doesn't came with the backup file...

    because I'm using a Lineage OS without gapps phone as every day phone... the phone where I bought the app will be formated

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