Mi Band 3 - find device and enable silent mode functionality


I switched to Notify&Fitness some time ago and get rid of Mi Fit app which used much more memory and battery.
Recently I found out that two extra functions in Mi Band - Find device and Enable silent mode are not working correctly with Notify&Fitness only installed (without Mi Fit).

Find device via Mi Band doesn't work at all - Mi Band shows message that it couldn't connect
Enable silent mode on phone via Mi Band works partially - silent mode is enabled immediately after it's triggered but Mi Band doesn't detect it and also shows message that it couldn't connect - so just by looking at Mi Band I don't know if silent mode is enabled and I can't turn it off.

I tried several ways to get these things working but with no result - I guess these are not supported?
If yes, do you plan on implementing these?
If these should already work, what may be the reason that they don't work for me? Could it be because I don't have PRO license yet?

I know that these are minor features of Mi Band and they may not be often used but still it would be nice to have them.



  • I agree with you in all but find device funcionality also works partially:
    - make sure you have selected a ringtone in N&F Settings -> Advanced.
    - Trigger find device in the band: it will inmediately play the ringtone in the device (OK) but it will not show a semi-permanent notification like Mi Fit and the band ends showing that can't connect.

    So in both cases, find device and silent mode, the problem is that there is no feedback from M&F that inform the band about the result.

    Hope it will be 100% implemented in future versions.

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    Well, for me "Find device" feature is not working even partially. I tried to change ringtone via Settings-Advanced but with no result. I also tried changing other settings and binding Mi Band again.

  • Maybe is because of Android version or Mi Band hw version...
    Mine is:
    - Android ver. 8.1.0 (September's Security Patch)
    - Mi Band 3 fw ver.

    I've also listed a logcat about what is triggered in my mobile when Find Device option is fired and seems to be just Bluetooth AVRCP commands to play and stop the selected ringtone. I'm using AVRCP 1.4 profile.

  • Okay, problem with 'Find device' solved. It looks like PRO version is required - I bought it recently and it started working.
    It should be properly noted in app that this functionality requires PRO.

  • I have the same problem with soft 6.10.5 and firmware

  • For me find my device is working with an error can't connect but the silent option has disappeared from band. Any resolution for this?

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