Mi Band 3 - Double Triple Tap Button Feature

Can anyone use the double/triple tap button feature on Mi Band 3?

I had the Mi Band 2 and it worked perfectly. But on Mi Band 3 it only works the single tap.

How does it work on Mi Band 3? I tried the Performance mode but it also does not work.


  • For me not even the single tap works... How do you got the single tap working ?

  • For the single tap, I just enabled the single tap option, selected Timer (my choice) , and also selected performance mode. With this configuration, every time I press the button it enables the timer.

    But the double and triple tap does not work on Mi band 3....

  • I've managed to enable double/triple tap button on Mi Band 3. However using it is little tricky and surely not intuitive.

    First note, it works only in Battery saving mode (in Performance mode only single tap works).
    Next it's also worth turning on options 'Only quick tap' (no accidental tap function trigger on heart rate scanning) and 'Vibrate alert' (you will get confirmation tap function was triggered).

    Then to trigger single/double/triple tap functions, you have to use Heart monitor scanner on your Mi Band. Start heart rate scanning and quickly cancel it - this is single tap. Do it twice quickly and you will get double tap - I mean enable heart rate scanning, cancel it, again quickly enable heart rate scanning and again cancel it. Do it three times to get triple tap. For me it works however it requires more than just single/double/triple tap. And there are often delays before triggering the function. It also seems to me that delay in executing single-tap function is larger when you have double/triple tap enabled. For this reason I have enabled only single and double tap. Also it happended to me once that single tap function was triggered by its own, but I don't know yet why, I'm using it only for two days now. It may be that tap functions doesn't work very well with continous heart monitor enabled but I'm not sure yet.

    Hope that this helps.

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