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license issue

I no longer have the paid version. Why did this happen?


  • Is "Lucky Patcher" installed on your device by any chance?

  • @FábioAragão said:
    I no longer have the paid version. Why did this happen?

    me too, how about you for now?

  • Remove or hide Lucky Patcher.

  • @ch3mn3y said:
    Remove or hide Lucky Patcher.

    I never installed it at all.

  • everything fine when i'm go back to the older version

  • My wife has license issue with her new phone. After online purchasing nothing happened - app still reports it's as FREE. Multiple e-mail requests to fix license status from app with provided Amazfit Bip MAC address and Google Play order number are still without any answer. Phone itself is new OnePlus6 (Oxygen OS 9.0), not rooted, without Lucky Patcher. Currentrly Amazfit Notify 6.11.1 installed, but we have tried with older versions as well, but without success.

  • I have Pro license (purchased successfully some time ago), but am unable now to add/purchase the '3rd party' license so that I can sync workouts with other apps. (I was able to 'trial' this add'l license once, and app seems to also be aware of that). Any suggestion/advice is welcomed.

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    I investigated/resolved my issue as follows:
    I have a China device (Xiaomi) with a China ROM. As such, the default app store is NOT Google Play Store (but instead is the Xiaomi app store). As a result, ‘in app purchase’ attempts made by apps (like MiBand N&F) running on the device are not handed off to the Google Play Store by the Android OS. Thus, no correlation with my Google Play Store ID and existing app purchase. Result... I am unable on this device, as it is configured, to successfully make the in app purchase; not a fault of MiBand N&F.
    Workaround: used another Android device, which uses Google Play Store as the default store, and which is logged in with my default Google Play Store ID (which was previously used to purchase the MiBand N&F app). From within that app I confirmed it is aware of my Pro license. I then purchased the additional 3rd Party license.
    Then I returned to my primary phone, updated the App from the Google Play Store (via manually starting GooglePlayStore). Then on checking my license status inside the N&F app, it did indicate that both licenses were activated. Further, I can confirm I was able to them successfully upload a workout as intended via the new/working 3rd party license.

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