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Continue heart monitor doesn't want to stop..

Hi, someone know why the heart monitor runs in continue mode even if I select other option? The continue mode stops only if I switch off bluetooth on the smartphone..

Thanks everybody


  • Your not the only one with this damn issue...both myself and partner have same issue with our Bips and THIS app...No matter what period we set it still runs continous..... Yet still this issue is not fixed!!!

  • Just try tis:
    After changing the setting to whatever you want, exit the app (via the menu top left -> Exit).
    Wait 5 seconds and start the app again.
    Sometimes the Bip (Amazfit) does not accept the values directly and the app needs to reconnect first, before the watch accepts it.
    No idea why, but this helps almost always for any problem i encounter.

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    The firmware on the bip itself is set up to automatically switch to continuous heart rate monitoring when it detects movement. If the bip is left to its own devices this is the behaviour you will see. To overcome this you need to force Notify for Amazfit to to manually trigger the readings. To do this go to the heart rate section of the app and change the mode to 'notify app only'. This will disable the bip's in built reaction to movement and will instead use the reading interval you select in the app. The only downside is that the phone has to be connected to the bip for readings to take place.

  • Even after enabling 'notify app only', i still get continuous hear rate monitoring only. No idea wat to do

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