Alerts & Reminders mandatory bluetooth connection

Hi everyone,
i'm trying to set alerts and reminders but seems that, upon trigger time approaching, phone must be on and with an active bluetooth connection for the alert to be executed.
This doesn't happen with official app, i.e., a "wake me up" alert, scheduled for the morning, goes off (making the band vibrate) with the phone switched off.
How come that the two apps behave so differently? Am I missing something?



  • I would really like to know this too. My phob goes on airplane mode at night but now I always have to manually re-enable bluetooth. This causes the alarms to not go off every now and again.

  • With the help of the developer, i've managed to find out that only reminders actively need a bluetooth connection to set off: alarms work smoothly without. My error was relying on the provided "Wake me up" alert (that doesn't work), while Smart alarms are perfectly handled.

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