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heart Monitor syncronisation

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The Mi Band 2 got some memory, right? It is able to store my sleep Data and sync It next morning.. so why is it not possible to store the measured heart Data, when Not connected, and also sync It later?


  • For manual measurements it should work I guess. Automatic measurements (every 10min for example) won't work because the app triggers those each time afaik.

  • Sure the Automatic i agree the Trigger comes by Phone, gut of i measure for example while running. My Phone is Not connected, so No heart mesaures are synced.. only when Phone is connected while measuring. If thats different with your Band ?

  • I haven't checked that tbh. I thought it would store the data until you sync. Just like the steps and sleep data. When I do a workout I always have my phone with me, so I can't give you the correct answer, sorry

  • He He Just Turn of Bluetooth, wait 2 min, Check heart rate Manualy by pressing the Button, wait 2 min and Turn Bluetooth on for syncing..
    Thank you

  • Currently Mi Band can monitor heart rate automatically (without an app connected) only during night time. During day time an app is required. This is due to mi band firmware limitation.

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