Sleep As Android Integration - How to snooze?

Hi forum,

Preface: I switched from using the official Mi Fit app together with "Tools & Mi Band" to "Notify & Fitness for Mi Band" to get rid of the official Mi Fit app which was draining my battery more than I was willing to offer. Now I'm using Notify & Fitness for Mi Band alone and almost everything works quite well.

Integration into Sleep As Android works much smoother than with the other app, however I did not yet get the snooze functionality to work. With the other app it was easy just to press the button once while the alarm went off to snooze it for the pre-configured amount of time. With Notify & Fitness for Mi Band I cannot snooze with either a single or a double tap. Perhaps I am missing something?

I'm using Notify & Fitness for Mi Band 5.4.8 PRO with Mi Band firmware version on Android 7.1.1 with the latest daily beta build of Sleep As Android. I'm willing to beta test to get this working if there's a problem. I'm open to suggestions of what to try.


  • Anybody?

    Does anybody have snooze working reliably? If so, how did you do it? What settings in Notify and what settings in SaA?

    For me, behaviour is like this: First alarm on the band is dismissed for 30 seconds by touching the band. Then, sometimes, the second or third alarm on the band will indeed trigger a snooze in SaA (configured to 30 minutes). But it's very unreliably. With the other app just one touch was enough to trigger the SaA snooze time.

  • Hi!
    Same here! Snooze dont work.

  • In the meantime I realized that Snooze does work, but only if you pay attention to two things:

    • You must not try to snooze too early. The alarm must vibrate for a few times until snooze function works properly.
    • You must get the timing of the double-tap EXACTLY right, as otherwise the snooze does not work.

    With "Tools & Mi Band" you could just tap immediately - even during the first vibrate - and didn't have to double-tap and snooze worked always reliably. It's a pity ...

  • Thank you very much!
    I try it.
    Yes, snooze with Tools & Mi Band is very pleasant.
    Is it possible to change vibration interval/duration as with Tools & Mi Band?

    I switch from Tools & Mi Band today. I'm testing the tracking first tonight. Did you noticed differences in detection?

    Would you continue to use notify and fitness without the battery problem?


  • Good question. I cannot do firmware upgrades with "Notify & Fitness for Mi Band" either. There are THREE methods of doing it, but none works. So, if I wanted to upgrade the firmware, I'd have to use the original "Mi Fit" app anyway. Luckily I do not have any issues with my Mi Band 2 firmware, so I'll just continue to use "Notify & Fitness for Mi Band" for now. But yes, most likely, if "Mi Fit" app would not have drained my battery, I'd still be using it together with "Tools & Mi Band".

  • BTW: Extracting PIN codes sent in some SMS (e.g. from PayPal) and then displaying them on the Mi Band screen is easier and more reliable with "Tools & Mi Band" as well. So, indeed, I might just try and go back to that combination to see whether something changed.

  • It occurred to me that at the beginning I also had problems with the battery consumption. If you use Tools & Mi Band, it is not necessary for Mi Fit to run in the background. For me it is enough to activate battery saving again for Mi Fit in the android settings.
    Apparently you can deactivate the background process completely.

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