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Sleep during the da has stopped working..anyone else?

I am only running N&F.

Nothing changed in my settings.
HR ever 30 sec, mi band only, daytime sleep assist, monitor all day, running it through 4,7.

Right around the new year zi started having problems Again. Some how the app is not accurately measuring sleep episodes...its like it stopped running the algorithm.

Also I have to recalcare steps frequently.

Anyone else havi g these problem? I have not heard back from mb the Dev mateo Fter several reachouts

(Fyi if you need to change the way your data is checked (as comes up in many tutorials) to MI Band Only You need to change HR monitor frequency from continuous to ever 30 sec (says so in () even though you are told on another place to run it continuous for daytime sleep. I made the change and I stopped receiving chunks of hr dara and now it is all there.

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