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Negative runner assistance?

Whenever I go running, i set the "runner assistance" on to give me vocal assistance every 500m.
This worked very well in the past, but since a week or so I noticed something strange.
Today I started running and the first notification (after approximately 500m indeed) was not, as I expected "0.5 km" but "-2.5 km".
As if the assistant was set to count down a planned run of 3 km.
I searched the different configuration screens but couldn't find such a setting, even though it would be handy (I usually want to go for a 5K run and a countdown would be as helpful as the normal count-up assistance).
Strangely enough, last week it did the same but started from -2 km. And between last week and today I went running one time and it worked normally, starting at 0.5 km.
Any clue on what is happening here?
Thanks in advance.

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