Amazfit BIP A-GPS

I want to use the BIP only with the Notify app but after some days the watch tells me that I have to update the A-GPS data. But I can't find an option for this. So I install Me-fit once a week, update the A-GPS data and delete Mi-fit. This is not really a solution. I wrote to the Notify support but no answer. Has anyone a solution to update the A-GPS data without the Me-fit app?


  • Same here. Please add this feature :smiley:

  • On the Android app, you can go to Firmware update (tab Extra/Tools on the right).
    Choose "Latest firmware" button and click on the "download" button.
    After that a new page will become visible with a pull down menu (1/2 Firmware) and if you click on this, there is an option GPS at the bottom.

    Problem is that i do not know (yet) if this will update the A-GPS or something else.
    My watch is less then a week old, so i don't know if this really works.
    Try it and let us know :-)

  • Please add it to autoupdate!

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