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Missing option for switching MB4 to Czech language

Hi there,

with the last firmware/resources for MB4 ( it is possible use MB4 in Czech language too.

I am using N&F for very long time now and since it is possible use it without installed MiFit, which is my preferred option, I decided go this way right after it was enabled.
However now, after updating MB4 to mentioned FW/RES versions I am missing option to change MB4 language to Czech, which is now officially supported by MB4...
Is there any plan to add this support? Only other option to use MB4 in Czech is to install MiFit along with Notify, but that is not the best solution for various reasons.



  • I would like to support this request.
    It's finaly time to add support for Czech language when is officially supported now in MB4 (
    Thank you.

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