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Blood pressure

I would be very happy if there was a way to enter blood pressure. Then you would have everything important in one app.
Thank you very much for the great software!


  • Since i have done some paramedic study a long time ago :-) i can say that it will not be possible without special equipment (like a strap around the arm, that blows itself up with air, then slowly releases the air).

    So an app will never be able to read bloodpressure, if the hardware does not has it build in.
    And the Bip and other smartwatches do not have this hardware (none has).

  • Hey elot!
    I think, he is asking to enter blood pressure manually into the app to keep blood pressure record in one fitness app.

    I,too, want this features in the app because it is really convenient and easy task to keep blood pressure and body wait data at one place. Developer plz consider this.

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