Google fit sync issues

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Data sync

Notice: if you enable automatic google fit sync but you don't sync new data from band regularly, you will not get any data on Google fit. To solve this kind of problem, since Notify 9.0.0 version we have added automatic data sync feature. We suggest to enabled this option to get data synced correctly. Be sure to set an appropriate sync interval (minutes) based on your google fit auto sync interval. For example: google fit auto sync every 30 minutes -> band data auto sync every 10 minutes


Please try sign-out and sign-in back to your google account and resync data.

Sign-out on Notify app

To sign-out, please open notify app general settings from main left menu -> reset all accounts

Do a phone reboot

A phone reboot may help solve Google Fit troubles, so reboot and retry again to check if data is showed correctly

Sign-out on Google Fit app

You may have to sign-out also from Google Fit if you are getting any connection issue


Please ensure google fit is installed and is running correctly on your phone

Please notice: sometimes google fit app doesn't works correctly, data may get showed after some minutes/hours

Disable Google Fit native activity tracking to avoid get duplicated/partially data with Notify data

On Notify app steps settings ensure you have forced to sync active steps mode
steps settings


  • Hi Matteo, I've tried to follow these instructions twice now and no luck with the data sync. On my Google Fit online account I can see the data, on my Google sync App I can also see the data, but not on Notify.

  • This is definitely a Google Fit app issue, if you can see data online on

  • Bro, the message shows "Google Fit null". I tried the same multiple times, and the data doesn't appear on Google Fit website. Please do something I need it!

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    I have noticed that after updating Amazfit Notify to 7.2.5 the Google Fit starts to count double steps. For example, Amazfit Bip shows 34 steps early in the morning and Google Fit has 68 with 1.27 km. Heart rate is 12 that usually equal to 1200 steps. The Google Fit activity detection is turned off. The same was yesterday (8784 steps in Amazfit and N&F but 17564 steps in Google Fit). Auto sync is turned on.

  • Google Fit sync no longer works. The app does not sync with Google Fit any more. I've:
    1. Reinstalled the app,
    2. Reinstalled Google Fit,
    3. Installed and uninstalled the Mi Fit app,
    4. Disconnected and reconnected Google Fit with the app,
    5. Searched through and tried the suggestions in the app including the post titled "Google Fit sync is not working"

    I consistently get the error message saying, "Unable to connect to Google Fit. Please redo the login to Google Fit."

    And yes, I DID redo the login with Google Fit - repeatedly.

  • A reboot of the phone solved the issue for me.

  • I try all things and app still give me "Google Fit sync is not working". So i think need to back on original app. :(

  • @MaciejOSW said:
    I try all things and app still give me "Google Fit sync is not working". So i think need to back on original app. :(

    I've the same problem.

  • Doesn't working. but in Notify and fitness for mi band it's work fine!
    Fix it immediately!!

  • @plord said:
    A reboot of the phone solved the issue for me.

    For me too!!

  • Settings - Advanced - reset accounts does not exist in latest version of the app

  • I also cannot see Notify app in Google fit. This help content needs to be updated

  • Never fully got this working with my bip, it would sync a couple of times and then just stop working, tried all of the above multiple times but to no avail. If I did a manual sync it would start working again for a day or two and then just stop. Very frustrating.

  • Hi, I too have problems.
    . I have disconnected the app from Google fit but now cannot find how to make it reconnect, please help.

  • Band 3. I can't complain, all works ok for me although can be a bit blippy due to multiple Google accounts on my phone. Select the correct account to sync and all is ok.

  • This remains an issue, have recently updated to a GTS and done a hard reset on my phone. Sync consistently works for heart rate and sleep but not steps, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Isn't a Google Fit issue as it simply isn't initiating the auto sync to send the data across. Tried all the steps above and varying the sync frequency etc and it seems to make little difference.

  • Still an issue. Tried all troubleshooting steps.

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