Data missing from Mi body composition scale

Would like to get help from someone who might know how to fix this, normally i could get all info when measure my weight till yesterday when a lot of data is missing but everything is fine and no data missing in official mi fit app at the same time. When i measure weight only weight, bmi,%water and %fat are showed, missing info including bone, muscle, visceral fat. I have Got all these every till yesterday. This info is still now available in official mi fit app. I don't know what i have done wrongly, since i have change some setup in notify&fitness app to get heart info in my workouts that have not supported in official mi fit app, and i can not recall exactly. I tried to play with setup but no result. I used amafit bip with huawei mate 20x android 9.1. It works just fine before. Thank you for all suggestion and comment.

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