EVERY new version is FULL of bugs... WTF?

DO NOT make it so complicated IF you are NOT able to take control over every aspect of the application.

It makes our experience FRUSTRATING and you'll get MORE and MORE negative opinions.

If you make a new version, so it shopuld be MORE useful and NOT LESS.

In the last one there are some SERIOUS problems with connection (mantainiong it or whatever). Your application insists to say the band is not connected, BUT at the same time it connects and updates data. Or at least it says so.

As a user i'm not up to sit and push every minute or so a button on the band or try whichever is possible in numerous attepts to make it work (connect).

YOUR APP is using all battery on MiBand this way.

One day it works and the other it is completely FUP.... what is it?

Do you try new versions at all? Or just make changes?

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