Synch to strava and runkeeper not working.


I just tried to synch my activities to either strava or runkeeper. None is working.
I did the manuyl login as described here: for runkeeper and the same thing for strava. Both seemed to have worked.

Synch to google fit seemed to have worked but I can't confirm as I dont have the app and the web portal for google fit does not exist anymore.


Go the acitivities --> the dot's --> synch with external app (fit, strava,...) --> RunKeeper.
A small popup on the bottom of the screen comes up saying: "Die Daten konnten nicht synchronisiert weren, bitte versuchen Sie es erneut oder kontaktieren Sie den Support" The Popup (or maybe toast would be the correct wording?) disappears quickly.

(in english Something like: "synch failed please try again or contact the suppot")


Go the acitivities --> the dot's --> synch with external app (fit, strava,...) --> Strava
The toast on the button comes up for about half a second saysing something with export 100% (so fast I cant read it).
Then a big popup comes up saying "Fehler: Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Notify App Verbindung zum Internet hat, um Daten hochzuladen." There are 2 buttons in the popup: "Tutorial öffnen" and "OK".

(in enlish something like: "Error: make sure notify app has a connection to the internet in order to upload data")

I read the tutorial but it did not help me at all :(

I have the trial license so just 24h left to get it work in order to decide if I buy the pro license.

Phone: Sony Xperia z1 compact
Android 4.4.4, rooted but without custom ROM.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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