Android Pie 9 issues

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If you have updated your phone recently to Android 9 Pie and you are getting issues with Notify app please do the following suggestions:
Reinstall the notify app
you can reinstall the app by going on old version from main left menu and picking the current version, so no need to uninstall and lost any data, just reinstall over existing version.
If you cannot install app outside Play Store, you have to uninstall and reinstall Notify app from Play Store. Please export a backup to prevent lost your data

Check app permissions
Open phone settings and ensure all app permissions are grant correctly

Enable background running
1) Check your phone general settings and add a rule exception for notify app battery optimization
2) Ensure on notify app general settings the running background mode is enabled correctly (default setting)

Repair the band
If after reinstalling the Notify app you are still getting troubles, please follow this tutorial to repair band correctly
Connection pairing sync issues solutions


  • How about settings in "App standby optimizer" ?
    * "Close app optimized" on/off ?

    Auto/Optimize/No opzimize
    * "Standby wakeup optimization"
    * "Standby sleep optimization"
    * "Standby Network optimization"

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