Notify & Fitness app showing wrong/incorrect GPS data for long rides

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I did a bunch of rides this week, one of them a 74km ride that lasted 7:54 hours. I have an Amazfit Bip watch and got both Mi Fit app and N&F installed (free version with the sync to 3rd party license purchased). Both apps up to date. After a few days I tried to sync all my workouts in the following manner:

. Mi Fit app is open in the background (it appears in the Android’s dropdown menu bar), I enabled bluetooth.
. Once the watch is connected I opened Mi Fit app and snyced all my activities.
. Opened N&F app for amazfit (now it also appears in the Android’s dropdown menu bar and it shows the watch as connected). I then synced all my workouts.
. N&F shows the workouts but it doesn't display gps data, heartrate or steps so I keep re-syncing until it works (This happens to me every time).
. All my workouts display correct gps data, except for the 74,25km ride. It looks like the tracking is correct but the map is zoomed out, so it doubles the distance.

This is how Mi Fit shows the correct GPS data And this is how N&F for amazfit interprets it (after a few resyncs it stopped showing the map view).
This is how it looks after exporting to Strava:

Is this known bug? how can I fix/avoid this?

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