opportunistically add Heartrate chart/plot & tweak auto/opportunistic photos in workout details

I really like how workout details includes the visualized altitude and distance chart plots, and how MbN&F also opportunisitically correlates showing photos taken during the start/stop timeframes of the given ride (workout).

Would be great, if when available/collected, you also opportunistically show a heartrate plot for the workout.

And for photos:
a) allow me to remove some of the auto-incorporated photos from displaying (since I often take several of the same photo, with slightly different framing, and later for my own uses select the 'best' of the given set of dupes)
b) allow me to add other photos from my gallery manually. eg. often i'll ride with others, they'll share photos sometimes during/sometimes after the ride, via different apps... all of which I may save 'after' the ride/workout end time... so they're not auto-incorporated, but i'd nonetheless ideally like to correlate them with a given ride (workout).

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