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Hey everyone I been looking into bmx bikes recently and this would be my first rs gold bike and I want something decent but I have no idea what I looking for. I understand the chromoly aspect of this but I have a budget of around $400 500 and was wondering if anyone has some ideas!

During Thanksgiving two years before she passed, my father was going out of state to be with his wife family, my mom was going to be with her boyfriend family and the rest of my family were doing their own thing while I stayed to look after my grandma. She asked if I had wanted to do dinner together and I said I would like that, as she used to cook big meals for everyone it was tradition for her, her age left her a little weak but she could manage most of it by herself. I had invited my friend over because him and I were like brothers and I knew he didn want to be with his family that year.

Families are adapting to this new reality, and the digital divide between those who can and cannot afford technology is narrowing. This year, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop released the first nationally representative survey of low income parents focused on digital connectivity; it showed that 91 percent of families living below the poverty line have an Internet connection at home.

Those general purpose gift cards you received as a gift or were given as a sign up incentive by a company can be a bit of a pain. They aren accepted everywhere, and you can end up with an odd balance after first use. All Disney locations accept them, regardless of the balance, so bring them along. Have five cards, each with a balance of a dollar or less? No problem! Scan away until their balances total zero, and pay any remaining balance with cash or your credit card or debit card. You can even make transactions the same way at the food and beverage kiosks during Epcot festivals.

But this is a particularly challenging generation to characterize. They are the most racially diverse generation in American history. They are extremely open minded and fluid in the way they think about gender and sexuality. Because their digital movements are so trackable, they are prone to being data mined and stereotyped yet surveys show that they prize individuality over conformity.

Ghosts and Goblins of Nevada's Past: The Clark County Museum's Ghosts and Goblins of Nevada's Past includes trick or treating on Heritage Street for children ages 12 and younger. All ages can enjoy old fashioned games (for an additional minimal charge) and costume contests as visitors search for apparitions at the Haunted Train Depot, Spook Alley and Ghost Town. Games and activities are designed for children ages 12 and younger and their parents. For more information, please call 702 455 7955.

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