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While the report card is not a truly scientific look at video game use, it still has some runescape gold interesting information that is worth a look. For instance, 90 percent of the kids surveyed play video games or computer games at home. More than a third of kids and parents report arguing about the amount of time the kids spend playing the games. And only about a third of parents of kids who play video games play the games with their kids.

It Takes Hard Work to Get What You WantIn MMOs you have a particular mount, legendary item, or title you want. In real life you have a nice car, a big house, and a jacuzzi you want. Whether it be in MMOs or real life, it will always take hard work to get what you want. Games teach us that. If you want a legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2, you have to farm items and karma, diligently and for a long while. Unless one is rich and just buys it, another sad but true life lesson in and of itself.

Q: Ira, it seems like analytics went from non existent to being relied on way too much. I remember reading a quote from Erik Spoelstra this season that said the team was trending in the right direction. I took that to mean that analytics indicated things were improving. This was when the team had lost seven of the previous 10 games. Even this season, that was not a good 10 game run. How much do coaches and management rely on analytics to guide decision making? Personally I think coaching was probably more effective when analysis was limited to watching practices, games, and film tape, rather than basing decisions on spreadsheets. Brian, Mount Vernon, Wash.

There's over 80 sites throughout central Laos and they were first investigated by a woman named Madeleine Colani back in the 1930s. Most of the sites are actually found on mountaintops but one of the largest sites is site one, and that's where most of the tourists go, so it's called the Plain of Jars for that reason. The Plain of Jars was used for human burial.

417 in terms of technicality is much easier but the workload is higher. This is because at least with Ashok, the exams are mostly just a bunch of definitions. There are only 3 projects in 417, one of which is a group project you have half the semester to do. The other 2 takes 10 minutes each which you copy from the textbook. Some people found the final in the class to be really challenging because it was a lot different than the midterms in that you actually had to apply your knowledge instead of writing down definitions. I'm also taking 414 currently and in my opinion 417 is easier in terms of difficulty but higher workload. 1 point submitted 2 months ago

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