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God said to the Angels to love the humanity more than him. He was runescape gold ready to sacrifice himself to stop his sister. When Raphael was coming to kill Cas, God stands by Cas side and affectionately touches Cas on the shoulder to comfort him. He was proud of the roles they were taking in the script. Making all the wins that he wanted to see them make.

The fair is a whole day targeted mostly at business owners in the food industry where they can learn how to reduce their food waste, Raskin said. evening event is called the Food Waste Challenge. That the grand finale of the fair. Basically we have eight famous New York City chefs competing to make the most delicious zero food waste dish. an example, Raskin showed off chips made from sweet potato skins, where the rest of the sweet potato was used in another dish.

With last year's triple crown, legendary trainer Bob Baffert became only the second person to accomplish the feat twice. The five time Derby winner has three chances to add to his total this year with Improbable, Roadster and Game Winner all in the 20 horse field. While there's no questioning Baffert's legacy, being the first to capture three triple crowns would cement him as the best trainer in the sport's history.

I have a soft spot for really geeky, text based games from the dawn of the Internet, and have been racking my brain trying to find info about one in particular. It was apparently like Master of Orion on steroids, a sci fi empire building game which was apparently multiplayer only and probably can't be played anymore. Googling is failing me, I feel like it had "Solar," or something in the title, but that's about all I have. Needless to say, it isn't Sins of a Solar Empire :) [more inside]

The daily costof eating out really does rack up. Take a cup of soup, for example. You may pay somewhere between $3 and $6 dollars at your local lunch spot. No biggie. But if you whipped up a pot of soup at home, you could get eight servings fromjust $10 worth of ingredients. That's a dollar and a quarter per cup.

Another small issue was that it costs resources to destroy your buildings. One would think that tearing down a building would net you some sort of refund but instead it's the opposite. This type of game is slow going, things build in real time and soemtimes that can mean a couple of hours or even days, so it's not for everyone. It can also get pretty competitive in the later stages with players teaming up to wipe each other out and then backstabbing their allies. As such, the community is large and active and anyone who puts a good amount of time in is sure to have many months of enjoyment with this game.

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