Mi Band 4 Emoji Support

I bought this application nearly 1 year ago when I had mi band 3. I install notify's EMOJI SUPPORT LATIN FONT. After that may mi band 3's letters were scratch. After this problem I found Mi Band 3's original FONT FİLE ".ft" very hard.
Nearly 2-3 months ago I bought Mi Band 4 and I used notify aplication again. I thought maybe this problem solved with Mi Band 4 support and I flashed EMOJI SUPPORT FONT file again to my new Mi Band 4 but problems didn't solve. My Mi Band 4 don't show some symbols at watchface. For example "/" and "%" symbols. At watch face calendar must show "08/13" but my band shows "0813". At watch face battery must show "%50" but my band shows "50". I am searching ORIGINAL MI BAND 4's FONT ".ft" file but I didn't find yet. I hate this application only this problem. If you create application, you must make this application perfectly or you must look application comments and repair errors.
Forum users, where can I find original font .ft file for mi band 4 ?

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