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The VDOT camera that covers the 14th Street Bridge northbound rs gold span, the one under reconstruction, is back in action this afternoon. It was on the blink for about a day, as was the one at I 395 and Army Navy Drive, which is also back. 14th St. Bridge Project Work Overview Live Bridge Cam Project Twitter Feed Full Coverage DDOT reports that the potholes on the northbound span that drivers were complaining about on Monday have been repaired. Unfortunately, the camera covering the Virginia approach to Chain Bridge is now out. That's the one at Chain Bridge Road and North Glebe Road. side of the river works. These particular sets of cameras are very helpful in evaluating the traffic congestion stemming from two major construction projects, so it would be most helpful to maintain them all. Meanwhile, a commenter on a.

You can get a final round of networking in before you graduate. I was in a couple of learning communities, and they were pretty useful in terms of meeting nice/interesting/helpful people within and outside of your major. Data mine LC also has opportunities (such as research) if I remembering correctly, which is a pretty nice line for your resume, and will also teach you (in my experience with research) a lot of useful things you may (or may not) use in the workplace. I think that if you haven done a learning community, senior year is kind of a good time to do one, as long as you don mind living in the dorms as an upperclassman. But just keep in mind that it at Hillenbrand, so if your friends are living off campus it may be harder to hang out with them unless you have reliable transportation.

They can complete the introductory mission to get reward with a small set of starter decorations for their Strongholds a few simple chairs, tables, and a pair of Republic or Imperial Guards. Many more decorations will be available on existing vendors throughout the game, as new rewards for Reputations, PvP, Crew Skills, and more.

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Maxx C is one of the only "fair" hand traps because it allows you gain, but doesn disrupt the opponent and the opponent can easily make it irrelevant by not summoning. It only scales as far as the opponent will let it. Many people may say this change is for balance but considering the bullshit the game is capable of now, it a relatively balanced card and if they wanted to kill it for balance they would have years ago. Better off killing Ash Blossom.

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