I purchased this garbage app with high hopes. Very disappointed. Do not spend money on it.

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After trying this app as well as MiBand Tools, I went with this one because it was packed with more features. I didn't need to purchase PRO, I simply did to support the devs because I was impressed with their work.

Sadly I quickly discovered that most features either don't work or are too unstable to be worth using. The app is buggy as hell to the point where for the longest time I figured it was abandoned.

But today I saw an update adding MiBand 4 support. I downloaded it hoping it would fix the experience. Nope. Edit: You can't download the update through the Google Play Store. Only through their app.

Resyncing the last 15 days on the last version only synced the last 10 days. The update fixed this. I can now sync the last 15 days. On paper at least. The data never actually appears inside the app. Only the last 1 day of steps and the last 4 days of sleep, with one day of sleep missing during those last 4 so basically only 3 days of sleep data is visible.

The only way I was able to make the data re-appear was by using the "Re-calculate" option, which made the last 7 days appear. Everything before that is still missing. Even though I see data from those dates being "parsed" during the sync process, so I know the data is actually on the band.

What's even more interesting is that the heart rate section doesn't have a "Re-calculate" option, but if you click on the graph as far back as a month ago, you get the pop-up telling you what the average heart rate was on that day. Meaning the data is actually there. It's just not visible for some reason.

Not to mention the constantly dropping connection with Google Fit and the need to recreate it. And the fact that settings aren't backed up properly and the manual backup process is a fucking NIGHTMARE and even when you do everything right it still doesn't back up all the settings.

I've already complained about all these things in my review of the app on Google Play that I made shortly after I bought it. In hindsight I should have requested a refund while I could. I just really wanted them to fix the issues. I really wanted to believe they would. 6 months later I'm very disappointed and regretful. They're adding support for new devices without fixing the basic functionality and stability of their app.


  • I just saw that 99% of this forum is spam. Clearly there has been no moderation in a while. My post was a complete waste of time.

    Hopefully would-be buyers will see it and not make the same mistake I did.

  • I've been using this app for more than a year, at first with Mi Band 2 and during past few days also with Mi Band 4. In my case, everything works fine. Occasionally it took a bit longer to sync data from Mi Band 2, but haven't noticed it with Mi Band 4. Otherwise I can't really complain.

    I am syncing every day, so can't comment about historical data resync.

    Google Fit connection is stable in my case. I even forgot that I set it up (I lost interest in Google Fit since they removed web interface) and I've just checked that it's still syncing the data.

    I'm not saying that the app is absolutely perfect, but I highly prefer it over Mi Fit and other apps. Developer was responding very quickly in the past, now he's probably just too busy (I guess with adding full support for MB4) to reply to every email or checking this forum. Hopefully he'll return to his previous responsiveness soon :)

  • Well my opinion is similar (as many others here and in google shop) - it drives me crazy that I need to sped HOURS to try to connect and sometimes after 50 attepts when it syncs it looses data (not alllways but sometimes)

    This seems to be one big sh... really as we're not to sit and 'fight' with the app... fortunately I get free version, but still it is hopeless to see how this civilisation is going rubbish.

    I'm of the opinion that if you (developer) are NOT capable to release a working application, just do NOT do it.Recently I have similar experiences with BANK (!!!) applications.

    And regardin stability (connection) this is a problem of this application, as i use also another one to get HR and it has no problems (I dropped though MiFit official as it was not laggible at all - another amatourish attitude of huge corporation).

    The problem with new versions (for more over 2 month there were 6 maybe BUT on google shop there is still the old one) is that at least one was working but i heve no idea which one - it even syncronized HR for exercises which in not paid is not accessible. Pity I believed the developer that the new version will be better.

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