This application IS NOT worth using at all - due to connection problems and data loss

The main problem which is NOT saved by the developer is connection. If it does not connect or disconnects, so it is not doing its work. It seems that the developer does not understand English or does not care at all for there are numerous written comments regarding it for monts, but the problem persists in each new version (by the way why new versions are OUTSIDE the google shop?).

That means also that messages ARE NOT send (very often) to the band - the feature on which many persons rely.

By the way continuous disconnectin and atempts to connect drains battery this way.

I have NO such problems with other applications, so evidently the developer is not capable to fix it and set it right.

There are also problems with data loss.

If I loss my data from MiBand and it is not shown then on teh app, so what for to use it?

You use MiBand without your phone and expect to have transferred the data afterward. I do NOT need this app neither the band itself, if I have to keeep all the time my smartphone in my pocket. In this case Google Fit is enough and works even better then MiBand and the app combined.

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